Classroom teaching is divided mainly into three parts:

      • CBSE Syllabus.

      • Doubt clearance & discussion session.

      • NTSE / Olympiad and Pre JEE preparation.

Benefits of IIT Foundation Course

It Develops the numerical/Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning in students which is quite helpful in clearing a tough exam like NTSE/Olympiads and IIT-JEE (Mains and Advance)

Gives clarity on Maths and Science Concepts.Usually Students Misses out on fundamental concepts in school due to lack of attention or other reasons. Getting into IIT Foundation classes gives you the opportunity to learn and clarify your doubts taught in specific class. By the time you reach 10th standard, you have all concepts cleared from 7th – 10th standard.

It motivates you to work harder to see your great dream come true!

Clarity on Exam Pattern: When you take up a foundation course, you get to know in advance the exam patterns, skills to develop, topics to focus, planning and much more. Getting clear picture on what the exam is going to be, gives you the advantage to prepare and get ready well ahead in time.

Mock Tests: Solving test papers gives you the idea of test patterns, bring awareness to your weak areas, motivates to develop speed and improve on accuracy.

Competitiveness: Starting early for IIT coaching expose you to competitive environment which inspire you to build your competitiveness. Being competitive motivates you to do better than what you did yesterday. When you work on a daily basis on improving yourself, in years you would stand in a good ground to have a competitive edge over others.

Salient Features are:

    • Special emphasis on concept building and their application through Daily Practice Worksheet.

    • Weekend tests – Subjective as well as Objective (MCQs).

    • Regular feedback to Parents.

    • Limited class size.

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