Smart Practice is the key to crack IIT examination. Cracking IIT exam is tough and you need to score 300+ marks. This is impossible without smart practice. Here are Some Tips and  Tricks Which are Helpful to budding Students.

1. You have to Understand what works best for you

You need to understand what is the best schedule “you can follow” and not the one you force on yourself. Find out the best time that suits you or which place in the house you are comfortable in. The more concentrated you are when you study, better will be your preparation.

2. Identify and Work on your weaker areas

Everyone has a strong subject which they understand easily and can solve questions correctly without worry. The problem is with the weaker areas. You have to Identify your weak Zone and Put your Main Focus on it and it will give you fruitful Results So, make your study timetable that you are comfortable with and allocate more time to weaker topics.

3. Practice is the Key

Practice is the backbone of your path to rank in IIT. It is the most crucial element. Most of the students today focus only on studying i.e. reading the chapters and reading the illustrations and scribbling on the pages saying that they “Practice”. When the real exam happens, these students say “The paper was very difficult” or “They did not get much time”.

For example: A Cricketer cannot learn to Bat just by watching the videos. They need to spend a lot of time for practicing. Practice is the most important point that you need to focus on in case you are really serious about cracking the IIT examination. For practice you may Use DPPs and Worksheets of any Coaching Institute which is easily available to you.

4. Analyse and Revise repeatedly all the incorrect attempted questions.

Always analyse and revise each and every incorrectly attempted question repeatedly. This is most critical aspect and cannot be leftover. If you miss this, you do not get the rank you want. By practicing repeatedly, your brain automatically grasps the concept and after a certain point you can solve questions with ease and confidence.

5. Do previous 35 years question atleast three times.

Your aim is to crack IIT examination and you cannot win the war by practicing wrong questions. Practicing the Previous Year Papers will give you right direction and surely by doing so thrice will give you the winning edge required for Good Rank.

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